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An Ancient Look!


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An Ancient Look!

A few additional featured products in our Spring line, perfect for rounding out your Kilt accessories!

Sgian Dubhs
Economy Blackwood Sgian Dubh
This economy “blackwood” sgian dubh has a good quality plastic handle instead of real wood. This sgian dubh has a good quality stainless steel blade, and each one comes with a real leather, Celtic embossed sheath. Not made in Scotland.
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Only $20.00
Brown Rob Roy Sporran
Economy Brown Rob Roy Sporran
Sporrans of this type were typical of those worn back in the 1700’s, before the rather grandious hair sporrans worn by Highland regiments during the 1800’s caught on among civilians due to King George IV’s visit to Scotland in 1822, which spawned a craze for all things Highland that was to carry on for generations after due to Queen Victoria’s enthusiasm for things Scottish (and Highland in particular).
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Only $49.00

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