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Black & White Rabbit Fur Sporrans 40% OFF While Supplies Last!

The Celtic Croft

(You may recognize this offer from a couple months ago. We thought we were done with these, but our old supplier just sent us another shipment. Grrr. Lucky for you, it’s better for us to sell them to you at a discount than to send them back to our supplier!)

These Chrome Cantle Rabbit Fur Sporrans are best sellers! Then why are they on clearance? Because we have a new supplier who’s making them a little bit different, and a little bit better. These ones simply have to go to make room for the new ones.

Clearance Chrome Cantle Rabbit Fur Sporran

Black & White Rabbit Fur Sporran 40% OFF!

This sporran is black rabbit fur with white fur tassels on black leather. Decorated with a leather targe, and a chrome cantle top. This sporran opens from the top to allow easy access to your stuff inside. A convenient snap closure keeps this sporran securely closed. Comes with a chain strap to fit up to 48″ waist. (Other chain options are also available.) Perfect for any occasion.

Buy now while supplies last! (Only 30 left as of this writing.)

Buy Now!

$30 OFF!

Only $45.00


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