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In the News

‘Citizen’ archaeologists to be recruited after Spanish Armada finds

“Citizen” archaeologists are to be recruited in a pilot project which aims to protect vulnerable coastal heritage from being lost to winter storms and climate change.

Archaeologists uncover Pictish Seat of Power in Scottish Village


A Surprise Discovery in Ireland

At the site of Tullaghoge Fort, the hilltop where chieftans of the O’Neill clan were crowned from the 14th to 17th century, archaeologists have uncovered surprising evidence of inhabitants of this area from a much earlier time period.

3,000 skeletons excavated at site

Archaeologists have begun excavating around 3,000 skeletons from a burial ground used during the period of the Great Plague in 1665.


Mary, Queen of Scots to get first statue


Beer Money: 13th century tokens from Winetavern Street, Dublin


Late Mesolithic finds in the Scottish Borders


Magnificent Iron Age cauldron discovered in France

“Its presence inside the tomb reflects the increasing interaction between Frances’ ‘Celtic’ elites and the Mediterranean world during this period.”


Reconstructing the Deskford Iron-Age carnyx

“The carnyx, a sort of Celtic trumpet, was once widespread throughout much of Europe. Although only a dozen or so fragments have actually been found, there are many depictions of them, including on an interior panel of the Gundestrup cauldron from Denmark.”



Archaeologists find 2,600-year-old Celtic Princess in Germany

German archaeologists discovered a Celtic grave in the Danube heartland when they found the remains of a Celtic princess, from 2,600 years ago, buried with her gold and amber jewelry.


‘Butter-Making and the Evil One’. Folklore from Co. Wexford

This folklore account details the superstitions surrounding butter churning and the belief that butter could be stolen by supernatural means.


Archaeologists in Jersey find solid gold torc hidden in Celtic coin hoard


BBC Program to watch for

Irish Roots: Digging the line between them and us

Digging for Britain is a greatest-hits archaeology compilation on BBC Two and BBC Four.






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