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It’s Wedding Season!


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Kilt Rentals
Celtic Weddings


It’s Wedding Season! Have you made your reservation yet?

Choosing a theme for a wedding can be a daunting task for the bride and groom. Once they have decided on a Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Manx, or English theme for their special day, we can help. Whether Brides, Wedding Parties, Grooms, and Kids, we have a Celtic selection to suit your needs!

Kilt Rentals
Full Formal Rental Package
Want to wear a kilt for the special occasion but don’t want to purchase one? The Celtic Croft has kilt rentals! Rent anything from individual accessories to full formal attire. We now have 35+ tartans available for rental. You are welcome to come to us here in Minnesota to be fitted (by appointment only please), or we can ship your Kilt Rental package to you anywhere in the U.S. Please follow the link, fill out the forms, or contact us to schedule your rentals.
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Starting at $185.00!
Full Formal Accessories Only, Formal Rental Package Rental A la Carte

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