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Kilt Hose & Flashes!


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Kilt Hose & Flashes!

A few featured products in our Spring line, perfect for rounding out your Kilt accessories!

Homespun Tartan Flashes
Our homespun wool blend tartan flashes are made to match any of our homespun kilts. Usually in stock, but can occasionally take up to 6 weeks for delivery. Not only do you need flashes to make your outfit look great, but they also help hold your kilt hose up!
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Only $25.00
Acrylic Piper Kilt Hose
New Acrylic Piper Kilt Hose Special Order Colors
These acrylic kilt hose are great for longer legs. Preferred by pipebands. If you want to look your best with dressy-casual or formal wear, kilt hose and flashes are essential. For casual wear, you can wear sandals, boots, or whatever you want to with your kilt. In these cases, kilt hose are optional, and any socks will do the job. Available in a choice of 8 colours including: Off White, Navy, Bottle Green, Lovat Green, Lovat Blue, Ancient Blue, Stone and Charcoal!
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Only $35.00

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