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NEW and Improved Super-Duper Kilt Hanger!

Kilt Hangers Are Back!

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  • Dockworker Labor Dispute
  • Customs Delays
NEW Super-Duper Kilt Hanger

NEW and Improved Super-Duper Kilt Hanger!

Our NEW and Improved Super-Duper Kilt Hanger will securely hold your very heaviest “tank”
kilts! We tested our prototype with the thickest, heaviest kilt we could find. We gave it a good
solid shaking, and it didn’t even budge.

Made of sturdy bamboo, the hanger is 20 inches long with a smooth lacquer finish. And it has
four strong, rubber-coated, rust-free, snag-free, adjustable, metal clamps…but most importantly
when hung off the ground the kilt knomes can’t get at it.

1 Hanger for $20
2 Hangers for $15 each
4 or more hangers for only $12 each!

Buy Now!
Starting at $20.00!

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