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Our New Book “A Soldier of Skye” Makes a Great Gift!

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Our New Book A Soldier of Skye
Makes a Great Gift!

new book of short stories by Minnesota author, Gary Anderson.
Gary paints a picture with his words that makes you feel like
you are there. Experience a glimpse of life as it used to
be in the Highlands and the Islands!

NEW Book! A Soldier of Skye
NEW Book! A Soldier of Skye

An excerpt from A Soldier of Skye:
The moon was rising over the wooded hills to the
east as mist was drifting slowly through the deserted
festival grounds. A minstrel walked up the hill
to sit beneath the oak in the rock garden near the
Scottish encampment.
He unslung the harp from his back, tuned it, and
when he was satisfied, started playing. The music
stopped and started as he struggled with its composition.
And then, the mist, the moonlight, and the magic
of the Autumn Equinox combined to form the music
that started to pour from the strings of the harp.
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